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Scholarship Winners

Learning from Disruption: Joao Vitoria

September 1, 2018
joao vitoria

Creative Director at Mindshare, João Vitória, was this year’s winner of the Clube de Criativos de Portugal Scholarship for our EMBA in Creative Leadership. Still a self-professed newcomer to the world of media agencies, João’s career has been a constant learning experience, drawing from his background as teacher, technology journalist and TV host. João began began his Berlin School joureny earlier this year, at our March Start Module. Before the module kicked off, we to spoke to him about his hunger to be thoroughly engaged with the disruptive technologies used by his audiences and his pursuit to keep up with the phenomenal levels of data available to businesses today. 


What is your view on ‘creativity as a business’?

I don’t think any industry can afford to not look towards creativity as a part of their business. When you look back at the amount of disruption impacting businesses that were 'minding their own business' in the past few years, it’s beyond belief. Social media, digital payments, smartphones, and 4G have had a huge impact on our culture. And with huge cultural shifts come new challenges for all. So, whatever business you’re in, start finding out how your audience behaves and what they expect. And if you’re not creative in your solutions, you may not stand out.


What is the significance of being a creative leader in the current Portuguese market? What challenges and opportunities are you facing?

In the brand communication industry, the challenges are those of a small market that don’t have a huge financial impact on global or regional businesses. We receive a lot of information late, by which time it’s already 'set in stone'. The wiggle-room is minimal but there is always a way to get to great ideas out there. Working with local brands is a totally different – we are very well trusted as an industry. In general, there are big opportunities now that we have a more vibrant start-up ecosystem and that global brands are establishing a more significant presence in Portugal with regional offices and development centres.


Can you tell us how your background in teaching has shaped your approach to work and leadership?

Teaching is, in my opinion, the greatest tool for learning. It makes you keep your knowledge up to date and organized. Especially in project-based learning, it keeps you constantly on your toes. Also, I’m always in front of a new generation of consumers, so the insights I get are of tremendous value. Above all, the good reason for teaching, and the one I’m most proud of, is helping new talent come into my industry with a new view on what our mission is.


What challenge are you most looking forward to exploring on your Berlin School journey?

I’m a newcomer to media agencies, but I’ve already fallen in love with the industry. The amount of knowledge and data we have access to is something I have not witnessed in the past, while working in advertising and digital agencies. The speed with which we can react to opportunities that are happening “as we speak” leaves me speechless. We are getting our ducks in a row to help lead the conversation on what the future of brand communications is, but there is still a lot of work to be done and I look forward to it.