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Inspirational Playlist: TED Talks for Creative Leaders

June 13, 2017
Ted Talks for Creative Leaders

Conveniently packaged in eighteen minutes or less, TED Talks offer viewers insight into relevant topics in technology, psychology, education, and more. The one-off conference became a viral video phenomenon and worldwide community of academics, business leaders, and artists. Since its founding, TED has spurred TEDx satellite events in cities around the world and offers a $1 million dollar prize to support one cutting edge, tech-forward idea.

Top creative leaders keep their ears and eyes open to new ideas that spark conversation. To stay in the know, we recommend a steady diet of TED Talks, a good Twitter feed and of course, Berlin School blog articles. But first, press play on these insightful lectures:

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek

No, No, No, No, Yes

Gideon Amichay

Trial, Error and the God complex

Tim Harford​

Why We Have too Few Women Leaders

Sheryl Sandberg

What it Takes to Be a Great leader

Rosalind Torres