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Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

How to Get a ‘Yes’ for This Year’s Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

February 11, 2019

With festival-season already on the horizon and 2019 development plans still in the works, now is the best time to speak to your team-leader about sending you and your colleagues to the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme (CCLP), the unique strategic learning experience unlocking the full potential of Brand Experience at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. 

Cannes Lions is already one of the most renowned and vibrant celebrations of creativity and innovation. Between awards ceremonies, screenings, master-classes and demonstrations, there’s so much to see and learn. But with four days of strategic classroom learning prior to the festival and exclusive closed-door sessions with top industry experts, the CCLP gives you the framework and focus to get the best value from your festival investment and the best outputs for your business

Here are some of the top reasons to get a ‘yes’ for this life-changing educational experience.


Set the Stage in a Four-Day Strategic Classroom

The best way to connect the dots at Cannes Lions is to have set strategic goals in mind. Is there a specific business challenge your team is currently addressing? Instead of diving straight in to the festival activities, CCLP participants first immerse themselves in a four-day, interactive classroom environment to create a framework of learning before the awards and events begin. Setting aside time away from the day-to-day business environment gives participants the chance to define that ‘million dollar question’, examine and break down challenges and establish goals, in a safe and creative environment. Learning in a dedicated classroom alongside diverse and ambitious creative minds, participants are exposed to new and innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving. With personalised guidance from our faculty of industry and academic experts, sessions are designed to develop a goal-oriented framework, putting you in the best frame of mind to learn openly, network, and be inspired when the festival kicks off.


Discover the Latest Trends and Challenges Driving Brand Experience

Whether you’re working for an evolving brand or working closely with one in a client-relationship, it’s never been more important to have a shared understanding of the experiences and culture that make up the DNA of a brand. This year’s CCLP will enable participants to examine the way their brand is experienced from both a customer perspective – through products and services – and through internal culture and relationships, and what these mean to a brand’s overall purpose. Participants will be challenged to reimagine their strategic, leadership, and creative mindsets and set new standards for work practice and innovation that truly provides greater value through every brand experience.


Meet the Experts – Up close!

Throughout the festival, CCLP participants have exclusive access to some of the most renowned creative minds to take the stage at Cannes Lions over the years.  Our exclusive closed-door sessions not only include curated masterclasses with ground-breaking creative minds, but a chance for participants to ask questions and get an expert’s opinion on their business objectives and challenges.


Skip the Queue and Take a Seat

Time is precious when there’s so much to see and learn. Luckily, CCLP participants are given special fast-track access to all festival award shows so there’s more time to take in sessions, screenings and masterclasses, and more time to refresh instead of rushing to the next event. To really soak up the festival atmosphere, the CCLP includes a complimentary Cannes lunch, and VIP access and reserved seating for the Cannes Lion Opening and Closing Galas. With their classroom learnings still fresh in mind, participants can pick and choose exactly the right events and talks to attend, that cater to their freshly-formed strategic goals. Now, that’s time well spent!


Creative Learning Doesn’t Stop at Cannes

The Berlin School community is made-up of over 500 alumni, participants, partners, academic leaders and industry experts. The CCLP is only a cross-section of the long-term value of connecting with diverse creative minds and business leaders from around the world. Not only does the CCLP give participants a unique opportunity to learn alongside the leaders, disruptors and drivers of a range of industries, it is the start of a life-long connection of support and collaboration. Imagine a growing community of creative minds you can connect with from all over the world – it’s a networking opportunity like no other.

Whether you’re planning to attend Cannes Lions with your team, business partner, client, or even solo, there are plenty of goal-oriented reasons to convince your team-leader to say ‘yes’ to this year’s Cannes Creative Leaders Programme. With the tools and exercises to work collaboratively on case-specific challenges, it’s the perfect environment to tackle that million dollar question and create a tangible roadmap to follow, after the festival ends. From access to a focused strategic classroom rooted in Creative Business Leadership, a line-up of ground-breaking academic and industry instructors, and unique access to Cannes Lions events, it’s arguably the best educational investment for any business leader hoping to get the most from their team. 


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