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Fresh Direction for the Radio Industry

February 15, 2017
Blog Radio Industry Berlin School

Technology today is evolving at such break-neck speeds that many creative industries struggle to keep up. Print and radio were both hit hard in the ever-shifting waves of digital transformation. Here at the Berlin School, we believe that by embracing change and taking the right risks, creative leaders can turn the challenges of this digitization into opportunity. Learning to anticipate and adapt to new systems allows businesses to flourish through digital transformation. 

Our Changing Frequencies: Hybrid Leadership in Radio program provides creative leaders with the tools and insights necessary for thriving in the digital age. Former participant of our Leadership in Radio courses and director of MBC Networks, Balendran Kandeban explained how the program enhanced his understand of what a leader could be:


'[We] connected with amazing creative leaders across the world and shared our expertise and learnt from each other, learnt best practices from different parts of the world. Made friends and we all are still connected. Had an opportunity to meet and learn from legends of the industry through master classes.'


The two-day course is led by leading experts and creative veterans who guide participants to new creative strategies that they can implement in their business. Tamara Chigogidze left the program with a fresh perspective on the direction of her company:

'I received many interesting ideas and pieces of advice for the implementation of digital strategy for my company. The program itself enhanced the global thinking.'

It's easy to get lost in buzzwords and big terms but our goal is to de-mystify the scarier side of Digital Transformation, to reduce the abstract into real, tangible change you can use in your strategic thinking. Thomas Buch-Andersen from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation relished the hands-on, no-nonsense approach to re-imagining Radio; 

'The importance of a structured approach to leadership. That all radio networks are unique, but the basis is the same passion to make a difference.'

For more information on our dynamic Changing Frequencies: Hybrid Leadership in Radio program and how to tune your dial to the latest frequencies, check out the event page here