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Driving Innovation in Brazil with Fabio Pando

August 29, 2017

This summer, we announced a series of dedicated programs in partnership with Horizon Consulting – a business innovation company focused on customer vision. Our goal is to shine a light on business, brands and creativity in Brazil – one the most exciting regions in the world in innovation. Together with Horizon, we will explore the key challenges and opportunities facing the region.

We spoke to Fabio Pando, CEO of Horizon, about his specialist topic – innovation in Brazil. He touches on how the nation’s creativity and passion for new technology could be the perfect highway for innovation as a ‘route to something bigger’.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Fabio Pando and I am the CEO of Horizon. I have worked as an executive in different segments of the economy; in industry (FMCG), retail, services (telecom) and in the financial market.

In addition, I teach MBA courses in Branding and Innovation at ESPM, as well as executive coaching.


Which provocative topics are you exploring at this years' events? How does is fit into the context of the Brazil market?

Much has been said about innovation in Brazil. But innovation must be at the service of something, due to the fact that it is not an end activity, but a middle activity. A way to get into something bigger.

Innovation, first and foremost,is a different mindset that corporate executives must have. It is seeing something that they have actually always seen, but with a new look. And doing things that no one else has done yet.

The Brazilian market has all the conditions to be a pole of innovation, be it for the creativity of the Brazilian people, for the poor quality of the services currently provided by companies and the public sector, and mainly for the passion of the population for social media and technology.


How is this a key driver in the formation of new value-based relationships with clients? Why is it relevant now?

The relevance of the topic addressed refers to the urgent need for this mindset change that executives need to have. Technology has brought the world the greatest speed of change humanity has ever experienced.

Today's top executives have not been trained to deal with this situation, either through current processes, past experiences, or universities. In addition, they are managing a new generation of people of digital natives. The expectations, desires, dreams and fears of this new generation are very different from the previous generation.

Understanding this new dynamic is key to continuing to be the market leader.


Want to find out more about innovation in Brazil? Join us this year in São Paulo


The Brazil 2017 Creative Value Factory

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September 21st, 2017 - Ahoy! São Paulo, Brazil


Business Value Innovation Workshop

Presented in special partnership between Horizon Consulting and the Berlin School, this 4-day workshop explores the core areas of "The Human Centric Approach". 

November 16th to 22nd, 2017 - Ahoy! São Paulo, Brazil