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Cannes Creative Leaders Spotlight: Daniel Skowronsky

April 5, 2017
Cannes Creative Leaders Spotlight: Daniel Skowronsky

The Cannes Lions Festival  is more than just lavish, red-carpet Galas and bustling, beach-side events for mingling and networking (although that part is great). It's also an incredible opportunity to assess your businesses limitations and learn how to overcome them. Our two-week Cannes Creative Leaders Programme offers a week of intensive analysis in which participants will look at real case studies in order to develop revitalizing strategies for their own businesses. The group will tackle the Cannes Lions Festival where they will put their strategies to the test; jumping into all the exclusive events the festival has to offer as well as attending edifying talks by some of the industries top, creative minds.  

Daniel Skowronsky is the Founder of Global Agency and the Director of Abap Nacional (Associação Brasileira de Agências de Publicidade) in Brazil. He participated in the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme and is a graduate of the Executive MBA program.​

What inspired you to take part in the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme?

The CCLP program translates the essence of the reality of the international market and this was very appealing to me and being in direct contact with major market professionals was amazing. It was a way to take a temperature of the school, methodology and teachers, because I was very interested in doing the Executive MBA.


How did the program change your own personal leadership style?

The program opened my mind in many ways. With CCLP I could expand my business and strategic vision.


How did the program help you overcome any professional challenges?

With the leadership learnings, I could manage the challenges, problems, opportunities and strategic movements of my business better.


How did participating in the CCLP contribute to your decision to pursue your EMBA at the Berlin School?

The CCLP was really important for me to take the initiative to undertake the EMBA. I felt very secure and motivated to invest energy and money in the Berlin School program.    


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