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Since we pioneered the world’s first Executive MBA in Creative Leadership 15 years ago, many creative business minds have approached us with interest about our program. Although some of them were not far enough along on their professional business management journey to attend the EMBA program, they were keen to develop their leadership abilities and join our global community of creative business leaders.

There were also plenty of other brilliant minds, well along in their careers, who were also keen to join our EMBA, but they simply couldn’t take the time off from their executive-level jobs to travel the globe as part of our in-person, international modules.

Today, we are delighted to be able to offer this next wave of leaders in the international business management community the opportunity to study with us. Thanks to our groundbreaking new mobile-first e-learning platform, they can do so online — from virtually anywhere in the world.

We are currently taking applications for our Bachelor of Arts in Management and Creative Leadership. Program starts in October 2022.


Our students are entrepreneurial, creative and want to shape the future, whether this means displaying leadership and management expertise within the creative industries or spearheading innovation through business creativity in other industries, often on an international scale. They may be high school graduates who feel called to become entrepreneurs and industry shapers or established professionals at digitally-driven mid-sized companies, startups and corporations who want to secure a competitive advantage, augment human value and co-design the future by ensuring that

creativity permeates through the entirety of their organization. We train business management professionals who want to lead with competence, sensitivity and vision.

Recent participants in our EMBA programs have included media, culture, finance and tech professionals as well as consultants, startup founders and entrepreneurs from across a wide range of industries, and we anticipate that our bachelor’s degree program will attract students from similar international business management backgrounds.


Creativity is at our core

Although represented by its own strand, the principles of creativity and innovation are at the heart of our overall approach and run throughout the entire program. To prepare yourself for the international business management community, you will learn how to cultivate new and different ways of seeing, interpreting, behaving and acting in the world while also developing an inspiring, authentic and adaptive leadership identity and practice that enables you to collaborate successfully with others, create value, generate revenue, build cultures of creativity and meaning, and retain and grow talent in the face of complex and ongoing technological, societal and market-based changes.


The Bachelor of Arts in Management and Creative Leadership is built on three interwoven study streams.


You will study foundational management skills before focusing on 8 mandatory courses as part of our Future Curriculum.


Personalize and enrich your education with extras.


Our highly flexible and modular study format allows you to complete it within the usual four years (48 months) or in just 28 months — as you prefer.


The Berlin School’s faculty network features thought leaders, educators, authors and recipients of major academic awards.


Our team is happy to discuss flexible payment plans and Tuition Fund options that suit you.

Many leaders deal with problems as they arrive, but [they] rarely have the chance to resolve the bigger issues. I think the Berlin School helps them make that step, to raise their level of awareness, and to help them join the (formidable number of) dots.
Scholarships for Executive MBA in Creative Leadership

Financing & Scholarships

Investing in your education is one of the best commitments you can make for your career — especially when that education combines future-ready curriculum with real-world experiences that have been designed for the modern, often international business management community. We want to empower those with creative leadership potential, which is why we are more than happy to discuss various ways to finance your bachelor’s degree with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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