Our President: Michael Conrad

Berlin School of Creative Leadership President Michael Conrad giving an EMBA lecture on leadership development
Left: Class 10 at work in the Michael Conrad Hall / Right: Michael Conrad, President of the Berlin School

Call for Creative Leadership

In today's homogenized world, the best call any business can make is a call for creative leadership.

Few people and companies consistently come up with fresh ideas. Of those who do, creative leadership is the center of their universe.

They are not just doing business, they have articulated a distinct business idea, a target idea, a distribution idea, a brand idea, a design idea, a communication idea, a media idea, inspiring, motivating ideas within their business model leading in its parts to a so called "big idea", setting a new standard beyond the norm, creating distinct ownership for products, brands and services in the fields of media, entertainment, advertising, design, journalism and marketing.

Leading creativity from the top has been and always will be the key to shaping innovative and successful businesses. Whether one sees risk in creative ideas or opportunity in creative ideas, great leaders need to manage by using both the right brain and the left brain. 

We're shaping our young institute for those women and men who burn for change and want to ignite others. We're committed to establishing a unique place for superior leadership development focused on creative industries, providing insight and tools to successfully navigate enterprises through our complex world by challenging convention and innovating a proprietary future. 

With the amazing support of some of the most accomplished creative industry executives, we are off to a good start on our vision: A Creative CEO In Every Creative Enterprise. Please come and join our community - physically, socially and virtually.

About Michael Conrad

After 34 wonderful years in advertising Michael Conrad retired in 2003. Born in Germany - a country more famous for great cars and less famous for great ads, as his friend John Hegarty likes to point out - Michael brought German engineering to global quality management in advertising, helping Leo Burnett Worldwide Inc. become Global Agency Network of the Year in 2000 (AdAge) and Most Awarded Agency Network in 2001 (Gunn Report). Under his creative leadership 27 Leo Burnett agencies were named Agency of the Year in their countries, some of them more than once.

Upon retiring in 2003 ADC Germany's Sebastian Turner approached Michael to help develop ADC's education initiatives. Having identified low quality creative leadership as the main reason for low quality standards in creative industries, the idea was born to establish The Berlin School as a center for leadership development.

Michael lives with his wife Helga in Zurich, Switzerland. They enjoy their three children's creative progress: Anja's fresh photography; Josepha and Philipp's desperate serenades.

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